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Gallery - Ultra Pool Cleaning


Our seven-point water test gives accurate readings of your pool's chemical levels to keep the water clear and healthy while protecting its finish and equipment.
Weekly shocking is imperative. We use Ultra Fresh Liquid Chlorine or Salinity Surge shock to eliminate organic contaminants. (For salt pool's we ensure to manage you salt system's settings as well as add salt as needed)
We keep your water clear, sanitized and algae-free with our complete line of Ultra Chemicals. We only use the highest quality chemicals available guaranteed.
We'll brush pool walls, tile, waterline and steps to help prevent the buildup of grime, algae and calcium deposits.
Vacumming helps keep the water clear and keeps bathers comfortable. We can vacuum manually or use your existing automatic pool cleaner.
Remove leaves and surface debris from the pool surface to help keep your pool looking clean and maintain the chemical balance.
Keeping the tile and water line clean is important not only for your pool's overall beauty, but it's imperative to prevent calcium deposits and other minerals from etching the tile as well as dirt and grime from permanently staining the grout.
Remove debris from pump & skimmer baskets to prevent clogging and keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.
We service all types of filters including sand, cartridge & DE. We offer backwashing, cleaning and complete media replacement.
Each week, our certified pool professionals will check your pool equipment for proper operation and leaks. We will also lube all o-rings we encounter when cleaning pump baskets, filters, etc. which will greatly improve their lifespan.
We adjust your pool timer for optimal performance while reducing your electric usage and wear and tear on your pool equipment. *It’s common for us to save our customers on average ~$300/yr off their electric bill.
Your patio/deck area is an extension of your swimming pool and therefore it’s important to maintain as well. We use new powerful battery operated air blowers which we use to blow all dirt and debris off your patio/deck.
Annually, we professionally pressure clean your entire patio, deck and screen cage. This makes your pool & patio look brand new again! This is at no additional cost to you and is included as a customer of Ultra Pool Cleaning!


Pool finishes offer a range of effects from fun to elegant. Pebble, Beadcrete, and many more options can give you just the look you
want.Combine them with custom mosaic and tile work for a truly special pool!